EIFF 2012: Friday 29th June. Fangirling like a Dangerously Aroused Goblin

Truly fantastic day at EIFF. Review list increasing, but massive dent made in half reviews set for posting. Holy shit, I can’t wait for Sunday when I can begin to beast these things…

Future My Love, and the non-stop assault of Mondomanila: Or, How I Fixed My Hair After A Rather Long Journey today. Still compiling my thoughts with regards to both, and waylaid by much talk of films past and present in amazing company. This festival has been bloody great.

Roundtable with Joel Murray and Bobcat Goldthwait. Saved by the last-minute sound recording upgrade by Mr Mondoghosto. Wow. I am a little bit in love with Murray and Goldthwait. Amazing, amazing guys. And the loveliest of interview subjects.

Also, rather than interrupting the genius of Peter Strickland while he appeared to be busy (which he has seemed to be every time I’ve laid eyes upon him in Edinburgh this week), myself and Katrina Conaglen decided to quickly formulate a note encapsulating our thoughts and hand it to him as we ran by on our way home. Yes, we may have called him ‘the new David Lynch’ and  ‘not in a derivative way’, but at least I think the fact that we both found Berberian Sound Studio to be one of the greatest films of the festival – if not, ever – was definitely covered…
…Yes. This may appear to be a little fangirlish, but surely it can be allowed given that I’ve never been moved to behave in such a fashion previously. And before it is pointed out: I know I’m in my thirties, and passing notes is the domain of teenage schoolgirls, but come on – the man was on the bloody phone. No doubt securing major release. Or at least I hope so. Who am I to get in the way of that?

Today has also found me somewhat simultaneously excited and saddened by spending so much time thinking and writing about film. You know that feeling when you expend effort on something just to have it pissed all over and moved aside by what can only be described as, oh fuck it – who cares. Keep on doing what you do and keep on keeping on, Lynne. Sure it’s appreciated somewhere.

Roll on the next two days. I’m gonna videotech like a mad bastard and talk about film till my imaginary cock and balls drop off.

~ by Mondo Ghosto on 30/06/2012.

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