EIFF 2012: Wednesday 27th June

Missed a lot today due to other commitments/massive Gosling rum-based hangover/cold from being caught in pissing rain twice yesterday (delete as applicable)

I did however, make sure I made it to another screening of Peter Strickland’s Berberian Sound Studio. It really is a film of wonder. I can’t stop going on about it. So far, I’ve written two pages worth of review material and none of it makes sense. At the moment, I find it simply impossible to describe the sound work on this film, or the strange effect it has. Intoxicating is near, but not near enough. Perhaps when the other screenings are over I can focus the time and mental energy needed to delve into what is one of not only the greatest films of this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival, but one of the greatest films I’ve ever seen. A masterpiece. A thing of beauty. Some of the best sound production known to man.

If I seem a little over excited, this may have a little to do with the fact that I ditched The Fourth Dimension after party to panic like a mad bastard, attempt to catch up on reviews, and ultimately ended up clutching a bottle of wine while typing what could indeed turn out to be utter shite about The Fourth Dimension for over two hours and repeating the phrase “life is fucking beautiful” over and over again. Type. Edit. Type. Edit. Type. Edit. Smile. It’s here.

Christ. I think I’ve found my own fourth dimension.
My fourth dimension is drawing ghosts.
And sewing smiley faced bastards. And making presents for people. And buying people I love pints, wine and coffee. And watching video games being played by someone more expert than myself. Having fun. And living in the now. And hugging the hell out of a man who loves pizza, but loves me more. And not caring if I’m behind on reviews because I’m experiencing some of the best film-loving company I know this week.

You’re all fucking fabulous, and I never want this to end.

“You are so lucky to be here…” don’t I fucking know it, mate. Don’t I fucking know it.

~ by Mondo Ghosto on 28/06/2012.

One Response to “EIFF 2012: Wednesday 27th June”

  1. Everything about that post is brilliant. You do indeed sound as if you have found your fourth dimension.

    As for me I am currently stuck in the Eighth Dimension fighting alien invaders. Wherever you go there you are

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