EIFF 2012: Tuesday 26th June “Life imitates art”

That quote courtesy of Mr Chris Grant, after a viewing of Berberian Sound Studio which was impaired by various unwanted sound effects making their presence known.

It’s a shame that a film in which sound plays such an important part – perhaps even becoming another character in this case – the racket from the workies outside proved to be a distraction. Ah well. Who cares when the film itself was an absolute blinder.

Atmospheric, increasingly eerie, and humorous (plenty of in-jokes provided for fans of giallo/horror films), Berberian Sound Studio is a weird work of art. Almost Lynchian at times. I’ll have more to say later here, once I get over the fact that I am becoming increasingly inept at reviewing in a sea of big words and film theory. I’ve never studied this shit. Ever. Therefore I know I am probably judged more than others on my inabilities to use the right terms and phrasing. Ah, shit. Maybe if I write “The dangerously aroused goblin is chasing Theresa down the hallway” enough, no one will mind.

I find it very hard to put the thoughts that escape my brain – and the words that come out of my mouth – into coherent sentences on a page. I won’t let that stop me though. I’ll continue to publish my clearly uneducated nonsense from tomorrow. When there’s finally a break in between the screenings and the drinking. Well, if you will give us free drinks and parties…

Today’s viewing also incorporated V/H/S, an anthology horror that I found a horrible and sickening mindfuck. Although two of the segments were rather interesting, and the stories within them told well, the rest seemed to be merely an exercise in lazy-ass shaky camera work. And misogyny. Yeah. Let’s not forgot that. And close up stabbings. And eviscerations. Etc. Never felt more unclean after a film viewing in my life. That being said, if anything, V/H/S is the first film that has ever made me look away from the screen. The sense of impending doom in each segment feels uncomfortable, and the fact that everything is viewed via camcorder footage makes it seem very much like you’re viewing a snuff film. If this was the intended effect, then the film makers succeeded where I’m concerned. I wanted a shower straight after. I never want to see it again.

As mentioned in ramblings earlier, actual reviews will appear here.
Once I get over the fact that I’m shite.

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~ by Mondo Ghosto on 27/06/2012.

2 Responses to “EIFF 2012: Tuesday 26th June “Life imitates art””

  1. I’ve never studied this shit either and we are both doing ok.

    As for that bit on VHS there is your review right there. Just copy and paste that onto LFF and another one is done :)

    • Yeah. But then it’s not a review, just a closing paragraph.
      Still, makes more sense than some of the fucked up nonsense masquerading as criticism, I suppose.

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