EIFF 2012: Sunday 24th June

First up was Jon Wright’s Grabbers, which definitely is the better of the two Richard Coyle-starring entries on this year’s programme. Bloody fantastic, and I highly recommend all to go watch the hell out of it on release. Thoroughly enjoyable comedy horror, that manages to be not only suspenseful and provide a good number of nice wee scares, but delivers some great lines and many laughs. Great little British creature feature.

First Position, Bess Kargman’s documentary delving into the lives of a selected handful of young dancers competing in the annual Youth America Grand Prix ballet competition was a surprising joy today. Having expected a bunch of pushy parents and the possibility of divas, Kargman’s choice of kids to focus on brings some fantastic background stories, from the most normal of kids, with the most loving of parents. The hard graft put in by the entrants in the competition is astounding. Dedication, and the desire to win, drives them forward. Found myself a bit choked up near the end as the allocation of prizes and scholarship places approaches.
Perhaps having a hangover did not help my emotional state, but ye Gods, I really cared about these kids.

Free wine and a catch up with others at the Traverse, you say? Booze and recommendations? Why, of course!

Real, actual reviews are appearing here.

~ by Mondo Ghosto on 25/06/2012.

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