EIFF 2012: Saturday 23rd June

Mark Cousins indulging in some quite possibly phoney press-ups in What is this Film Called Love? Careful there, fella. You might break your arms or summat. What kind of elbow angle do you call that?
Lost me at many points. Quite noticeably during the close-up of his dangling cock…

Some stunning visuals, but with narration that at times became a little grating and an overall lack of coherence throughout. I know the film was subtitled “An Adlib”, but come on, Cousins is surely taking the piss a little by simply telling the audience – in the most literal of terms – exactly what is on screen:
“There is a fly on the bridge. He walks over to have a gander at the traffic below. Then stops. Then disappears over the side.”
By the point our narrator has turned into a woman, then a stag, I’d all but given up.
Were it not for the ending statement of the film being about walking, and changing. The out of body experience brought on by walking, the time taken to really ‘see’ the world around you, the inner monologue and questioning indulged in when alone with ones thoughts.
And I am so fucking down with that, Cousins. So fucking down with that.
There it is. The coherence and linking theme I was struggling to find all along.

In other news, Exit Elena was a rather enjoyable experience. Sweet, and rather sad. A young home-care assistant being somewhat pushed into becoming part of a family, only to be pushed out of it just as quickly when surplus to requirements.

Real, actual reviews will be found here.

~ by Mondo Ghosto on 23/06/2012.

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