EIFF 2012: Wednesday 20th June, in which Matthew McConaughey ruins KFC forever

I swear, I’ll never eat a fried chicken leg again as long as I live”

 Today started off with Alexandre O Philippe’s the Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus. Bless. He was my highlight of the entire 2010 World Cup. Loved that cephalopod clairvoyant and his tentacled fortune telling ways. Shed a tear at news of his demise. Lovely stuff, even if it does try to stretch out such a short career for maybe a little too long. Particularly taken with a lot of the animated sequences – jiggling felt and cardboard octopi with googly eyes? Of course I’d appreciate that kind of thing instantly. Started drawing up templates for my own tiny handsewn oracles this afternoon…
Ian Clark’s Guinea Pigs was eh…’interesting’…no, I jest. It was rather terrible. Nice idea, clunkily handled. I’m sure during an actual write up I can find some good points, but all I can think of right now is “Syringe chib!!” and “ARE THOSE DONUTS ON THAT GUY’S EYES??”

Richard Ledes’ Fred brought about a rather sad and emotional end to the afternoon. With a believable and touching performance from Elliot Gould as an ageing man attempting to deal with the toll Alzheimer’s is taking on his wife, while refusing to give up and leave the family home. The effects on not only Fred (Gould) but his family and those charged with care are also portrayed in what could have turned into a sentimental and mawkish melodrama, but instead – by focusing on two visits from his exasperated children – stays the right side of light. Not exactly what I was expecting from the press description of “a comedy of errors akin to Woody Allen” mind you…

Highlight of the day by far though, was William Friedkin’s amazing Killer Joe. Wow. Fantastic stuff. It goes on general release June 29th and it’s a film that shouldn’t be missed. Superb performances turned in by all involved, but Matthew McConaughey is magnificent as detective/hitman for hire, Joe. Truly fantastic. Darkly comic, and rather violent, I’m still on a high after seeing it. And was smiling like the bloody Joker for the whole time during Friedkin’s intro. The man is a legend.

Real reviews will appear here.

~ by Mondo Ghosto on 21/06/2012.

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