“Been a long time! Been a long time! Been a long – “

“oh shut up with yer Robert Plant impressions, woman! Pull yer jeans up over yer crab ladder and put yer shirt back on. Yer hair is in NO WAY magnificent enough. Fucking get on wi’ it!”


Long story short:
Have posted nothing for ages.
No inclination to. No time to. Too much effort being used up in other areas.
Long working hours. Craft and awful art. College.
Acting, shitly. Stripping, shyly.
Being what can be termed “a wee bit under the weather”.
Attempting to stop caving my own head in out of sheer frustration, and the never-ending buzz of destructive thought that rattles round the inner skull like Javier Bardem and Screamin’ jay Hawkins delving deep into some mind-scarring Santeria action*.

Not had time to let my thoughts meander over the keyboard like the days of old, except for working on other writings, other blogs, and other things. If it’s not a deep piece of brain exploration, why post it?

Fuck that shit. I’m done worrying if people think I’m intelligent. I’m mainly, on the whole, fucking thick and fine with it. Things are gonna get restarted around here. But instead of long drawn out internal discussions on the possible symbolism of David Lynch films, it’ll be more along the lines of “Blue Velvet, aye? Fucking minted. Love that shit.” The former shall be reserved for external discussion over pints with the possibility of going over the line of one two many, letting the West Coast twang slip out, hailing Gerry Butler a “fucking legend” and reaching the point of no return/carrying home.

Life is too short to have to prove yourself to anyone. There’s not enough time, and it’s not as if I’m getting paid for this shit. No. Outside of work, the things I get payment from involve craft and taking my clothes off**.

Focus the heavy work on the shit that matters, have a great deal of fun with the rest. Live in the now, man! Etc…


**No doubt, there are many who judge me for this. Ah well. They’d judge me even more if they knew of my day job.

~ by Mondo Ghosto on 11/04/2012.

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